Why you need to join COWAY

1. 6 MILLION customers in Korea have been satisfied with the products and services that Coway penang has been to offer.
2. R & D, officially recognized as “Drinking Water Quality Inspection Agency
3. Labs, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities with more than 370 researchers and well-known scientists.
4. The largest producer of water filtration system in the world.
5. CODY (Service Team) service that is always ready to assist customers in maintaining Coway units.
6. RoHS compliance, through strict quality control and BPA FREE.

Coway Penang
Coway Penang

History of Success Coway Penang Team

1. Many join Coway in early stage with 0% knowledge.

2. High Spirit limit and kick start with good manner

3. From Zero to Hero with income 5 figure



testimonial-team (Demo)
Name: Hoo Wai Yee
Area: Selangor
Product : MACH

Being a mother of 5 children, my family’s health is my top concern. Thanks to Coway’s sophisticated water filtration system and friendly cody service, i don’t have to worry about improperly filtered water anymore. Coway, you’re alway my trusted choice!

testimonial-team (Demo)
Name: Joane Pee
Area: KL
Product : MACH

It was tough for me to wake up every midnight when my baby crying for milk & my heart sank when our water heater ran out of hot water! With Coway Water purifier, i can enjoy hot water 24/7!